The Nano-Particle: Gateway To The MicroCosmic Heavens Pt.2

Greetings Family! Due To The Drama Of Life, Eye Haven’t Been Very Active Here For The Better Part Of A Year…For Those Who Follow My Brand Of Crazy—My Apologies, And My Sincere Gratitude! This Long Overdue Post Picks Up Where We Left Off Building With The Buddha Grandmaster Known As Li Honghzi. Part 1 Gave Us A Peek Into The Micro-Worlds Through The Nano Gateway…..Now We Are Diving Even Deeper! Strap Up As We Shrink Further Into The Microverse……

” This universe is quite complex, and it’s so complex that, besides humans, even Buddhas, Gods and Dao’s are amazed by it. And humans understanding of the universe is limited to only one layer of its existence. As I said before, of the surface of matter that humans are able to understand, the largest particles are planets and Milky Ways, and the smallest particles include–that is, those that can be known through the use of instruments–molecules, atoms, nuclei, electrons, quarks, and neutrinos.


” What’s smaller down the line is unknown. But what is known is so very far away from human beings original matter and from the original matter that forms living beings. Even what is known is reduced in size by countless hundreds of millions of times, by countless and countless hundreds of millions of times, but its still not the ultimate end.

” So that’s how microscopic matter can be. And yet, the more microscopic the matter is, the larger its volume as a whole. You can’t view one single particle alone. That one particle is only one point of its whole volume, but it is one whole entity. So, the more microscopic the particle of matter is, probably the larger the surface of the whole entity is.

Nano Particle2-126889-fig1

” When the particles that form the matter are large, the plane formed may not be proportionately large. Humanity only understands the dimension made up of molecules, and yet they are content with what they have achieved and are constrained by various definitions in empirical science, and are unable to break through them. For instance the air, water, steel, iron, wood, as well as the human body–everything within the space you live in–are made up of molecules. A spaceship, no matter how high it can fly, is unable to go beyond the dimension made up of molecules; a computer, no matter how advanced it is, is no match for the human brain.

” Of course, its not that human society had made no breakthrough’s at all; it has come to understand molecules, atoms, quarks, and even neutrinos. But what science is able to see is only a point, not entire planes, where particles of various sizes exist. If they were to see such planes, humans would have seen really existing scenes of other dimensions in the universe. And, that an atom is more than an individual particle that humans see. Even with an individual particle, if it can be enlarged and then seen, if it can be enlarged to the size of a small planet–beings, matter, water, plants and all forms of material existence on that object made up of atoms can be seen. But humanity can not make that breakthrough.

Nano-Particle2 atomic world

(Depiction Of An Atom Enlarged To Size Of A Planet)

“Actually, humans live between two particles; the molecules that form everything and planets, the largest we can see with our eyes. So, humans live between molecular particles and planets. Of course, if I don’t talk about it today, scientists won’t realize it.

” Humanity hasn’t been able to come up with the idea that planets too are particles. and these countless planets form even larger particles, which are various Milky Ways, and in turn, galaxies form an even larger scope of the universe, but that is still not the largest particle. Of course, the concept I’m talking about may have suddenly pushed your thinking to a very high realm. If your body is as large as the body made up of the particles at the level of planets, when you look over at the Earth, does it look like a molecule? Viewed from humans’ perspective on matter, planets are indeed a layer of particles. This is talking about it from a macroscopic perspective.

Nano-Particle2-main-qimg Atom


Nano Particle2-SpaceAtom

” People often talk about going up to heaven, but where is heaven? Where is “up”? In this universe there is no concept as “up”, “down”, “left”, “right”, “front”, or “back”. Going up can be “up”, but is it also “up” when you go down? This universe is round, and the earth lies almost at the center. Its left hand side is up, the right hand side is also up; what’s down is up and the top is also up. This then leads up to a heavenly secret. As I said just now, the smaller the particle, the larger the plane.

” In fact, when a being is able to enter into a more microscopic level, it is already in a larger, higher place: it is in heaven, because the more microscopic the particle, the higher the level. This is a very vast perspective. The perspective on the universe I just explained is only one way–one perspective on dimensions. There are more complex ones.

Nano Particle2-The Microverse map2<MAP OF HOMEWORLD–The Molecular Center Of The Subatomic Microverse. Homeworld is a molecular chain planet (like a floating string of pearls) within the subatomic star system known as the Microverse, As Depicted In Marvel’s “Micronauts.” Source-click>

” Let me speak from another perspective. Isn’t the space between atoms and molecules a dimension? This might be hard to understand. Let me tell you that nowadays scientists know that the distance from atoms to molecules is equivalent to two hundred thousand atoms lining up. But the smaller the objects, that is, the smaller the particles, the bigger their overall volume, because they form a plane at one particular level and are not isolated points. Molecules, however, are really big. The bigger the grains of matter, or, the bigger the particles, the smaller the volume of their dimension–the smaller their dimension’s overall volume.

” If you enter that dimension, you’ll find that it’s a broader dimension. Of course, you have to conform to that state in order to enter that dimension. If you understand this with human thoughts, human concepts, and the way humans understand the material world before us, it will never make sense to you, nor will you be able to enter that state. Humankind claims that it’s science is so advanced. That’s pitiful!! It hasn’t broken through the dimension of molecules at all, and can’t see other dimensions–yet humans are complacent with themselves–even less can it see the dimension composed of atoms.

” I can tell you a broad categorization of systems of dimensions: Between atoms and atomic nuclei there is a dimension, between atomic nuclei and quarks there is a dimension, and between quarks and neutrinos there is also a dimension. As far as how many levels exist continuing on towards the most original source of matter, it can’t be counted with human numbers or even the kalpa numbers that Buddha’s use.

Nano Particle2-Soltzbox1

” If humankind wants to truly understand matter, it can only understand it within the present human knowledge. Humans will never know what’s the most fundamental of the cosmos’ matter, and will never be able to probe it. So this cosmos will forever remain a mystery to humans. Of course, this isn’t to say that high-level beings will never know it; everyday people have no way of knowing this cosmos, whereas cultivators do–Only Through Cultivation. With humankind’s technological means, humankind will never be able to achieve the great abilities at a Buddha’s realm or see through so many levels of dimensions and universes……..”







Planetary Chess: The Real Anti-Christ


Greetings! This Missive Was Inspired After Reading “Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends”–By John Eric Phelps, And Also “Conspirators Hierarchy:The Story Of The Committee Of 300”–By Dr. John Coleman.

Very Powerful Books Detailing The Intricate Web Of Deceit, Power, And Planetary Chess Playing That Entangles The Masses. However, Eye Decided To Bump Things Up A Notch And Take It Directly To Its Source….

“You may choose to pretend that what you do and how you live is not made possible by what I do and how I live. I do my job so that fatty can watch reality tv, eat fast food, stare at the internet, screw their husbands or their battery operated products, and never use their teeny, tiny brains to think about the freedoms that I make possible! Never think about the democracy that I make possible! they never think about it….So, they sleep like…

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911: State Of Liberation, & Emergency!

Greetings! It Has Been An Awesome Time Of Rest, Rejuvenation, & Many Epic Events Have Transpired Since Eye Last Posted….

There Is The Once(?)-In-A-Lifetime Eclipse Which Occurred On August 21st, 2017:

amercian-eclipse-01.adapt.1190.1-911 State of Liberation (Photo courtesy of Colleen Pinski

….And The Subsequent Forces Of Nature Doing Their Work (Hurricane Harvey)…..

911 State of Liberation-harvey-5-gty-er-170825_12x5_992-911 State of Liberation-636397197330063069-HARVEY-TOLL911 State of Liberation-ap17242037293201911 State of Liberation-BWW-hurricane-harvey-TX

…Prayers Of Strength, Comfort, & The Will To To Continue On And Rebuild To All Those Who Lost Loved Ones,Watched Things They Worked Hard For Disappear, The Mothers & Fathers With Children Forced Into Abysmal Inconvenience. People Of All Walks Of Life Have Banded Together To Survive This Event. Eye Am Looking Forward To A Speedy Recovery For That Region. As It Stands There Is Surely More To Come, As We Are Officially In The Libra (Liberation) Cycle, And The “State Of Emergency” Which Etymologically Means (quote) ‘mid 17th century: from medieval Latin emergentia, from Latin emergere ‘arise, bring to light’.

Yes Indeed Family…Nature Will Continue Her Works Of Destruction (De-Construction ‘taking to pieces’) & Purification In Order To Allow Us To “Arise” & “Emerge” Out Of The Old World Order Of Those Guilty By Nature. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Ravish, Rape, And Plunder Mother Earth And Exploit The Peoples Thereof And Continue To Destroy Goddess Earth Inside As Well As Outside—Bringing Planet Earth (and possibly the Universe by chain reaction) To The Brink Of Destruction. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Transgress (break, violate) The Laws Of Nature, Although They Know Better Because their Instincts And Ability To Reason (their conscience) Tell Them That Their Action Is Wrong. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Cause Division And Violence And Death Among Individuals, Groups Of Individuals, Nations Of Individuals, And Races Of Individuals By One-Sided Racism, Greed, Obsession With Delusions Of Grandeur, And The Desire To Rule Or Ruin. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Refuse To Learn The Laws Of Nature After The Laws Become Available, Or Fail To Practice Them After They Know Them. It Is So That The Guilt By Nature Are Those Who Deliberately And Intentionally Cause Others Pain And Suffering Without Justification. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Perpetrate And Practice Deception, Devilment, And Death As A Way Of Life and Survival, Believing They Live A CHARMED Life, And Thereby, Believe There Is No End To Their Reign Of Terror…But Almighty Nature Informs Them It Is Time For NEW ORDER.

Let Us Rejoice! And Proceed…….

Hurricane Katrina Is Still Said To Have Caused The Greatest Natural Catastrophy  The United States Has Ever Witnessed, Killing Thousands Of Americans In Louisana (specifically the “Crescent City”New Orleans), Alabama, And Mississippi, (Biloxi), and Displacing Thousands More, Causing Billions Of Dollars In Damages To The Devil-Man’s Economic Infrastructure(  Almighty-Nature Has To Balance Itself According To Its Nature Called The ‘Nature Of Nature’—This Justice Will Not Be Deferred, Or Tempered With Mercy, For The Guilty Of The Old World Order. But Things Will Indeed Get Worse Until Armageddon Is Climaxed With Fire, Both Artificial By Way Of Man’s Weaponry And Natural By Way Of Nature Via Ether-Fire Of The Sun….

911 State of Liberation-the_forces_of_nature_by_odd1outagain-d5xchuc (Image courtesy of:

This Ether-Fire Via The Vacuum Of SPACE, Is The BALANCER  In Nature And Of Nature, By Supporting Justice & Causing Disturbances* (like storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, etc.) To Bring Matter Back Into Balance When A UNIVERSE ORB (earth) Tends To Go OFF COURSE… Again, Whirling Winds Like Hurricanes And Cyclones Help Balance Physical Matter…..





Gays:Guardians Of The Gates, “Hormone Sexuals”, & The Gay Agenda Pt.3



Greetings! This Post Is A Bow Of Appreciation To All Who Have Read Parts 1 And 2, Liked And Left Awesome Commentary, And Shared Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Etc. Eye Am Ever So Grateful For You Wonderful People Tuning In, And Will Dig A Little Deeper Into This Profound Topic While Doing My Best To Get Some Questions Answered. Love, Respect, And Gratitude To The Master Teacher Known To Us As Paa Nabab Yanuun (Malachi Kobina York), King Etznab-Shaquan:El Rey, Afroo Onoo, And Hilton Hotema For The Data That Made This Compilation Possible….

In the initial seeding of this planet (which is really an aquarium…its mostly water), came the Universe Scientists  from Sirius “Sabat-aat” (12) and Orion “Saah-aat”(12). All females and males represented in equal standing (24) to populate the planet to progress through their lineage. However, in the melding and physical personification of these ETHEREAL Gods/Goddesses through the process known as PHOTOMORPHOSIS, they took on…

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Project:Blue Rock-Geometric Prison Keys



Geometry Is A Very Important Subject, And Curriculum In Mathematics. Most People Do Not Recognize It’s Importance, However It Has Many Practical Applications, Most Especially In Engineering And Architecture. Geometry Deals With Size, Shape, And The Relative Position Of Figures And The Associated Space.  An Object, As Well As A Space’s Property Such As Volume And Strength, Is Computed Using The Principles Of Geometry. All Of What We See Around Us Employs The Use Of And Is Composed Geometry/Geometric Figures–“Templates Of Reality”. These Designs  Most Assuredly Were/Are Not  Made By Accident. Complex Computations Are Necessary To Come Up With The Designs, And Some Geometric Figures Are Not Only Designed For Aesthetic Purposes, But Serve Other Functions As Well. From Ancient Times Till The Present Day, This Most Conspicuous, Yet Secretive Knowledge Has Been Employed For The Advancement, And Detriment Of The Beings On This Planet, Hence- “Geometric Prison Keys”.

Image result for platonic solids

Depicted Above…

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Solar Gods & Super Saiyan E.T.’s

Image result for shaquille dent cosplay

Greetings! Ahhh……..Yes, Eye Am On The Roll With The Animation Streak! This Missive Was Inspired By A Young And Fellow Fan Of The Japanese Anime'(animation)Series Known As ‘Dragon Ball’.Image result for dragon ball super wallpaper

And As Quoted From The Online Source

“Shaquile Dent, a sophomore at Cleveland Institute of Art is making rounds on the Internet due to his unique and creative hairstyle. Dubbed the “Black Goku,”in reference to the character from Dragon Ball Z, Dent’s hairstyle shows that Black people really do love cosplay.

The animation major told Buzzfeed, that he discovered his hair could hold a spike in middle school and never uses a barber and only spends about two hours, twice a month, fixing the low-maintenance style.

Dent is surprised at the attention his hair is getting and told BuzzFeed the reason his hairstyle went viral was because of all of the haters bashing him for his hair — but ended giving him shine.”

Salute To The Young Man For Daring To Do Something This Aesthetically Radical, And The Positive Spin On What Was At First Ridicule! What Should Be Duly Noted Is That He “Discovered” His Hair Could Hold The Spike In The Style, Because As This Post Will Point Out—He Is In FACT The Black Goku! Let Us Continue….


“The Sun is male and Mother Earth is female. The Sun gives off Ether in the form of what is called PROMINENCES. The Sun has antennae called GRANULATION, and Ethiopians’ Wooly Hair looks like that granulation. So our Wooly Hair may correctly be called GRANULATION (using an English expression). If one puts a straight strand of hair closer and closer to a fire, that strand of hair will granulate, that is, ball up because of the potency of the heat. The Ethiopian (“burned people”) carries his and her SUN within, and we appeared on Planet Earth at a time when no other race could survive in earth’s atmosphere, because just after creation the atmosphere was too dense and potent for the weakness of human beings called MANKIND. Mankind is all peoples with straight hair by Nature. The Ethiopian became identified with mankind down through EVOLUTION….”         

Image result for Nasa images of granulation

(Father Sun’s Photospheric Granulation, or rather his Nappy Afro)

Related image    Image result for pygmy peppercorn hair*Note: The “peppercorn” hair or Granulation of the Kalahari bushman, and the Bodi girl from Debub Omo, Ethiopia.

“Moreover, the Sun Heat Genes in those who had to live in Earth’s ORIGINAL ATMOSPHERE had to be much stronger than those of mankind’s who came much later. In other words, the Sun Heat Genes in the AFRICAN PYGMIES were so dense and potent in their bone marrow and reproductive system, they turned the hair KINKY, as fire does to a strand of hair. Wooly Hair is superior to straight hair, as the Suns are superior to other universal bodies. Wooly Hair by Nature assures the Ethiopian that he and she are the Originals on the Planets, thereby the original personifications of the Suns. We bigger Ethiopians evolved from the smaller Ethiopian now called THE AFRICAN PYGMIES who live in EQUATORIAL AFRICA…”

Image result for peppercorn hair     Image result for cumulus clouds      

*Note: The Cumulus Clouds above which look like a white fluffy ball of cotton or WOOL, created by THERMAL CONVECTION or thermal (heated) uplift of air taking place in the atmosphere, same as the process involved in the creation of the Sun’s Granulation. Mother Earth even has an Afro in her atmosphere!

Image result for cedar pine leavesImage result for hair locks

*Note: Incense Cedar Leaves and the lovely woman’s ‘Locks…….

“We reiterate, the only people who could survive in the Earth’s original dense and hot atmosphere just after the fiery Creation, were those who had Sun Heat Genes within so strong that they would kink the hair, and those people were our ancestors, the African Pygmies.

Image result for african pygmies

“Black skin is Sun skin and Wooly Hair is Sun Hair. The Sun is Nine and NINE is THE BALL which may conveniently be drawn as the circle (O). In ancient times, the African Pygmy was called PTAH “tar”, and worshipped as the personification of the ORIGINAL CREATOR. The Pygmies are from the Sun and we are from the Pygmies, and this means we bigger Ethiopians are the Sun, too. We are EVOLUTIONARY PTAH. Mother Earth gave birth to our ancestors, the African Pygmies, from the Source of the Nile on the Equator in Africa. The eggs of Mother Earth in the source of the Nile River was impregnated by Nine Ether rays from Father Sun, the Nine Power. Like the Sun, Wooly Hair symbolizes potency, life, and originality. The Ethiopian is the only one of the Races who grows his and her CROWN by Nature; Wooly Hair stands up like a crown, and this makes the Ethiopian the NATURAL King and Queen of the Universes by Nature…….

-II- SUPER SAIYAN Extra-terrestrial

“All other humans have 6 ether(straight) hair as do the animals of this planet Earth….

Image result for animals and human furImage result for animals and human fur

Image result for animals and human furImage result for animals and human fur

“9 ether (Wooly) hair is a symbol of an Extra-terrestrial being…..

Image result for vegeta

Image result for afro men hairstylesRelated image

This Is Not Racism, But Rather ‘Racial’, As Eye Do My Part To Promote Facts & Pride In The Unique Attributes Of The Ethiopian Race, Which Eye Am A Member Of. If You Have Gotten This Far, Thanks For Tuning In!

Kagero’s “Poison Hand”

Greetings! Having Come Up On Saturday Supercade, The Littles, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, & All Of Those Epic Cartoons Of That Bygone 80’s Era…Eye Was A Bit Disdainful At The Influx Of What Eye Lamentingly Referred To As “Adult Themed” Animation And The Growing Popularity. Well, In 1995 The Now Legendary Cult Classic “Ninja Scroll” Movie Forever Changed & Opened Up My Mind….

Related image

This Post Will Give No Breakdown, But If You Have Not Seen It- Do Check Out!! One Character From The Movie Is Very Intriguing, Kagero,  A  Ninja And Food Taster  With The Capability To Poison & Kill Anyone Who So Much As Kisses Or Touches Her, And Virtually Immune To Any Poisons. This ‘Technique’ Is Used To Great And Dramatic Effect In The Movie. And It Got Me To Thinking…Hmm.. Is It Possible? Luckily, Was Able To Find A Reference For This Secret Practice:

Image result for ninja scrollImage result for ninja scrollImage result for ninja scroll

“The Poison Hand- Ancient Martial Arts Technique. They Take A Child And Feed It Miniscule Quantities Of A Special Deadly Poison. The Quantities Are So Small, That They Don’t Kill The Child. Gradually The Doses Are Increased. Eventually, When The Child Is An Adult, The Adult Is Immune To The Poison. However, There Is So Much Of The Poison In His System That She/He Merely Has To Touch Someone For Them To Die–Which Gives This System The Name ‘Poison Hand’

Related image


Excerpted From “Mars Records”